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LOVExpressions is about living an empowered conscious life promoting love in yourself and in the world.

Like many I came to yoga many years ago to find clarity in this chaotic world. I wanted to feel connected to something. This search went on as I pursued my career as a mental health therapist which shifted into empowerment life coaching. As I was working with my clients it seemed as though a similar theme kept popping up, “how do I become happier.” Exploring this concept lead my clients and I to many different avenues but yet again there seemed to be an underlying theme of “I just want to fully accept myself for exactly who I am at this moment in time.” This realization helped me understand how to best work with my clients and the additional skill set I needed to add to my tool belt to ensure I was qualified for the job. One of these additional skills identified was working in the psychical body to gain results within the mental capacity. This is where yoga came full circle back into my life. Every time I felt I needed grounding, a connection to something larger, a space to breath and be fully present if only for an hour over the years I would find myself back practicing yoga. I fully made the commitment to myself and to my clients to hone the psychical practice of yoga. I completed my 200 hour teacher certification at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks; Los Angeles, CA.

My specialties include: • Alignment • Connecting movement with the breath • Transitions • Finding silence • Restorative • Setting intent • Bringing things full circle

Services I offer: • Private sessions • Classes of 3 or more • Creating sequences for the chakras or specific intent • Guided Meditations • Coaching • Motivational Messages

My style as an instructor is intentionally organic. I believe part of the power of yoga is the one teacher one student structure. I am based in a Socratic method where my private and group sessions consist of a dance between myself and the clients; allowing the energy in the room to lead us though the journey.

My yoga teaching style is very similar to how I live my life, ie. authentically, holistically and with intention. I believe that it is not only important to be aware of your own capacity but of the capacity of the world. We must have a connection to the larger world or we may miss out on important messages. This is how I will lead you in our sessions.

We will work together focusing on your intent for coming to me while allowing our hearts and minds to speak to remain open to the process.

I look forward to meeting and beginning a wonderful journey with you.

Namaste. Christina Waller

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