Referred to as “Yogi Rae” by her dearest friends and students, Rachel is a Yoga Teacher in and around the Western Suburbs of Chicago. She received her certifications under the guidance of Swami Sarasvatyananda (Mary Samano) at The Temple of Kriya Yoga, Nikki Meyers of CITYOGA and Y12SR, and Lela Beem and Cassie Rodgers of the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga. Specializing in therapeutic based Hatha Yoga, Yoga for 12-Step Recovery, and Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, Rachel’s focus is to encourage proper structural alignment while my students move deeper into a meditative state at their own pace. She uses a number of techniques to strengthen the body, tame the mind, and improve the spirit – each session being completely customized to meet her students needs. As the Beatles sing, “When you move beyond yourself, you may find peace of mind is waiting there,” Rachel aims to promote a sacred atmosphere for students to let go of their outside distractions and find peace within.

PaintedYoga™. The idea of combining yoga and painting first came one summer, while I was watching my boys paint with their fingers on huge blank watercolor papers. As toddlers, they had fun stepping all over the painted papers – a pure expression of their creativity. In my heart, I know it’s now time to bring the idea to life and share this wonderful experience to rest of the world.

Merging my passions for both art and yoga, I started Painted Yoga™ to inspire creativity and encourage others to express and rediscover themselves through art and the practice of yoga. One of a kind canvas paintings are created using the body and the practice of yoga as art media.

I have been practicing yoga for eight years and also a martial artist. After getting injured in Tae kwon do, yoga helped me to recover emotionally and physically. I then decided to become a yoga teacher to share the healing and physical benefits of yoga to others. My classes are a lively mix of balance, strength and flexibility, focusing on alignment and breathing.

Thank you. Remember, there’s always an artist inside of us. Art and Yoga don’t have to be perfect, that’s why it’s called a ‘practice’.

Namaste ॐ,

Sherie Sloane
Founder and Creator

At Shine, in downtown Batavia, IL, we offer yoga classes, meditation, wellness workshops, events to evoke inspired living, offbeat activities, kids’ yoga, live music and performance, yoga clothing, active apparel, yoga props, self help books, DVDs, and eco-conscious gifts.

At Shine, our mission is to uplift you on your journey through life. We aim to support and inspire as you move within, learn about yourself and grow to your full potential.


xuntas – the place to gather. a versatile studio. available for rent

So many ways and reasons to gather!

  • RENT the studio to teach/host your class or yoga event here
  • PRACTICE #YogaconIrma at Work, through Team Energizers, Adventurous Getaways, or Private Classes
  • GATHER for a public yoga class or workshop onsite at xuntas

Check our website for class/event schedule, teacher/studio descriptions and rental information.

Let’s collaborate to bring wellness, energy, movement, joy, creativity to ourselves and our community! I have created space just for that.

Yoga For All Beings is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Yoga For All Beings offers a variety of classes including: vinyasa, vin-yin, beginners yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Our studio occupies a large, open loft space on the 3rd floor at 508 N Hoyne Ave, across the street from the vegan cafe, Upton’s Breakroom. With numerous windows providing natural light and exposed brick walls, Yoga For All Beings is often called a “hidden gem” by students. It’s not just about our look, but about what we do inside of the yoga walls that really matters. All YFAB teachers are not just well- trained and certified instructors, but they’re wonderful human beings who are eager to create the best experience possible for their students. We understand that not all beings are built the same and that every individual body is different, requiring different adaptations for certain poses. We’ve got tons of props at the studio, including bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and sandbags. At Yoga For All Beings, we believe that anyone can practice yoga. With infinite possibilities there’s so much that you can do on a yoga mat, whether you’re wanting to take things up a notch or down a notch. Child’s pose is always there for you, no matter what anyone on the mat next to you might be doing. Yoga For All Beings is a judgment-free zone… we welcome you with open arms, happy hearts and smiling faces. For new students, please take advantage of our intro special: $20/1 week of unlimited yoga.

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