Founded in 2001, Prana Yoga Center is the Fox Valley’s premier yoga center dedicated to the practice of authentic yoga. Our mission is to offer quality, transformational yoga, meditation, and other wellness programs that enable others to reach their full potential through vibrant health.

Referred to as “Yogi Rae” by her dearest friends and students, Rachel is a Yoga Teacher in and around the Western Suburbs of Chicago. She received her certifications under the guidance of Swami Sarasvatyananda (Mary Samano) at The Temple of Kriya Yoga, Nikki Meyers of CITYOGA and Y12SR, and Lela Beem and Cassie Rodgers of the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga. Specializing in therapeutic based Hatha Yoga, Yoga for 12-Step Recovery, and Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, Rachel’s focus is to encourage proper structural alignment while my students move deeper into a meditative state at their own pace. She uses a number of techniques to strengthen the body, tame the mind, and improve the spirit – each session being completely customized to meet her students needs. As the Beatles sing, “When you move beyond yourself, you may find peace of mind is waiting there,” Rachel aims to promote a sacred atmosphere for students to let go of their outside distractions and find peace within.

Yoga Bless Retreats in Sweet Jamaica

Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body through this yoga retreat in exotic Jamaica*

Yoga Bless villa is located in a quiet bay, with amazing views, beautiful private beaches.

Reconnect with yourself and learn yoga as you have always wanted…

You will be able to revitalize your body and soul, boost your health and immune system, relax, lose weight, detox, and de-stress while on this yoga vacation. You will be treated to healthy meals and drinks, herbal teas, superfood smooties.There will be a lot of opportunities to try out exotic activities such as snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, waterfalls, boat trip, and many more.

Time to slow down and get back into balance. We serve the whole person and provide an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation through yoga, mind/body awareness, healthy food, fresh spring water, herbal medicine. Experience the best yoga retreat in Jamaica.


· Daily yoga & meditation sessions
· Beginner and intermediate yoga
· Hatha and Kundalini yoga style
· Variety of healthy meals and snacks (normal, vegetarian, vegan, raw)
· Unlimited water & herbal teas
· Fresh juices and coconut water & fruits
· Healthy cooking and Jamaican cooking classes
· Workshops to make natural cosmetic & face masks
· Snorkeling accessories & wifi free
· Yoga Bless CD with ebooks, music and yoga sessions pdf
· Comfortable accomondation
· Airport transfer
· Waterfall trip

All our instructors are experienced yoga teachers, speaking English & Spanish.
We prepare a yoga program that will suit your level, from beginner to intermediate, for balance, immune system boost, weight loss, concentration…
Yoga sessions are based on Hatha and Kundalini yoga.
Sometimes we also host special guests: Yoga gurus from India and Yogi masters from all around the world, Ayurveda experts, spiritual guides, meditation experts, nutrition specialists…

Maki aka Ramjas Kaur will prepare a yoga plan according to your needs and preferences.
Maki traveled world for many years, serching for natural wisdom, healers, shamans, gurus, searching for the answers, learning about nutrition and healthy living, eating and experiencing all that in her own skin, practising & learning & teaching YOGA…and then when she gather all together and made whole picture from all that peaces and reach stage of happines&balance&harmony and the time come to settle the idea of Yoga Bless was born.

To share with others all the knowledge she has gathered, to show people how to live healthier & hapier even in stressy society, change a little habits, little tricks for betterment & yoga that is just soo good for everybody and improves quality of life and once we are happy, the world is becaming better place, the earth heals throught us*

Ramjas Kaur learn on her travels from gurus in India the secrets of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama & Meditation, In Costa Rica secrets of Kundalini yoga and nutrition, In Czech secrets of Tantra Yoga & Mohenzodaro woman yoga, and was influenced by great masters of Yoga that have been curing all types of illnesses of modern society with the art of Yoga, natural healers using herbs and gurus using power of the mind…

Yoga sessions will be tailored to meet your needs, from beginners to advanced, we can work specially on your issues (back pain, weight loss, hips openers, insomnia), so you will get most of it. Different yoga techniques and sessions will be introduced and different meditation techniques as well so you can find the one that fits you the best.

Hosting yoga teachers brings more styles and variatons of yoga that can ispire you and will make you enjoy yourself in this unity of body and mind to max. It will be personal, we will give you concrete tips to change your lifestyle and habits, we will make a special plan for you to continue with and make a commitment, it will be life changing.


We prepare homemade healthy food and snacks according to your preferences.Included are 3 main meals daily, as well as healthy snacks and fruits during the day. You have a choice of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw, or normal meals.

We believe that the starting point for rejuvenation of the body and mind is through the foods that we consume. Therefore we offer an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole foods at Yoga Bless Jamaica. The food is included in the cost of your retreat.

To us, detox and rejuvenation means eating the foods that support our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight, rather than adopting a starvation diet where you are always feeling hungry. We prepare juices and meals that cleanse and rebalance our bodies, without eliminating the essential nutrients required. We use seasonal products where possible, grown or locally, so the menu is typically Jamaican. All food is served fresh, prepared and cooked on the premises, with care and loving attention. The foods that we do not serve include: pork, beef, white sugar, bread, refined flour, cow’s milk and derivatives, alcohol and sweets. These foods all place extra stress on our body systems, so by cutting them out for one week, or a few days, the body has the opportunity to rebalance itself.

We do a lot of herbal teas from Jamaican herbs that have amazing healing properties, you can aswell make yourself tea anytime you wish 🙂

Aswell we use a lot of natural remedies, superfood, fruit smoothies and natural medicinal plants that can be found here in Jamaica (and its 80% of all most powerfull herbal medicinal plants). We will be more than happy to share our knowledge with you*


Go Natural Resort is situated on the sea side, with fantastic views and surrounded by beautiful palm trees, in a quiet and safe area, Long Bay. The property has big garden area, private beach access, chill out area, hammock, and dining area. It’s in the parish Portland, the nicest and purest part of Jamaica. The resort is surrounded with beautiful nature, waterfalls, virgin beaches, and almond trees. It’s a very safe and quiet area, so nothing is going to disturb you in your relaxing time.
Go Natural Resort can accommodate up to 18 people. There is variety of accommodations: from budget dorm and economic tent option, private room to luxury seafront villa. There is a living room, dining area and hammock area to be used by all hosts all that for your great relaxation experience. The property is beautifully landscaped with flowers and palm trees, great for meditation or chilling in the hammock.

Closest airport is Kingston (70 min.), we can advise you about best / economic flights and arrange your pick up from airport.

· Wi-Fi internet
· Housekeeping
· Purified water, herbs tea
· 24/7 security guard

Go Natural Resort is situated on the sea side, with fantastic views and surrounded by beautiful gardens with palm trees, in a quiet and safe area, Long Bay. All of your stay will be accompanied with relaxing and calming sound of the sea and waves.

The parish of Portland on Jamaica’s east coast is one of the most beautiful places on the island. With its stunning and warm blue waters, romantic coves, virgin beaches, breathtaking panoramic views and waterfalls, its not a tourist area and you will be far away from the rush, stress, and hustle of the city. You will have a chance to meet locals, walk around and enjoy amazing wild nature and the pulsing culture of sweet Jamaica.

Jamaica is described as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. The enchanting jewel of the Caribbean Sea beckons with its sugar white beaches, majestic cascading waterfalls, and many charming houses. Hike through lush trails of tropical flora in the breathtakingly beautiful mountain peaks, or enjoy a night full of magic, as the cool sea breeze teases you with the sensual beat of reggae.

Things to do
In your free time you can relax or read a book (we have a nice yoga, healing and wisdom books library) in a hammock in the tropical garden. You can also swim in the sea or sunbath in the beach.

There is a lot of workshops taking place in GoNatural resort, all oriented on Natural an Healthy living. Making homemade facemasks and body scrubs, learning about healing herbs and making tea, Jamaican cooking & healthy cooking classes, Making homemade cosmetics, ayurveda knowledge workshops, nutrition talkes and debates, meditation workshops….

We can also arrange variety of exotic trips and activities such as , trip to waterfalls, blue lagoon, Frenchman cove, snorkeling, horseback riding, rafting, and more…check section excursions

Know before you go

Group size
No minimum number. Group discounts

Extension options
You are welcome to any length of stay, from 4 days, 7 days, 10 days.
Don’t hesitate to ask and make arrangements.

Travel insurance information
We recommend that you have travel insurance and a travel health insurance.

A deposit of 300 USD is payable for holidays booked. Once we receive your deposit your booking is confirmed and a receipt will be sent to you by e-mail and, if requested, by post.
For clients who have paid only the deposit, payment of the outstanding balance is due 1 month before arrival.

Accepted payment methods
Bank wire transfer, Credit card, Paypal

If any party member needs to cancel, this must be done in writing and signed by the party leader. Cancellation takes effect from the date we receive your written cancellation instruction.
If you cancel after booking has been confirmed, you must pay a fee to compensate for the expense and losses that we incur as a result.
Cancellation between day the booking is made and 29 days (four weeks) before it commences: The full deposit payment will be forfeit, but any balance payment already made will be refunded.
Cancellation between 12 and 28 days before it commences: The full deposit payment and 70% of the balance payment will be forfeit. The remaining 30% of the balance payment will be refunded.
Cancellation within 11 days of the start of the holiday: The full price of your holiday will be forfeit. No refund will be made.
These fees reflect our estimated loss as a result of dealing with your booking to point of cancellation. You may be able to claim under your Travel Insurance policy if this cancellation falls within the conditions of that policy.
If, for any reason, you have to leave your holiday earlier than the departure day, you cannot claim a refund.
In the event of cancellation by Yoga Bless in foreseen, or unforeseen, circumstances an alternative may be offered; if this is unsuitable to you, then a full refund of the holiday deposit will be given.

This vacation is available all year round, please select an arrival dates…

PaintedYoga™. The idea of combining yoga and painting first came one summer, while I was watching my boys paint with their fingers on huge blank watercolor papers. As toddlers, they had fun stepping all over the painted papers – a pure expression of their creativity. In my heart, I know it’s now time to bring the idea to life and share this wonderful experience to rest of the world.

Merging my passions for both art and yoga, I started Painted Yoga™ to inspire creativity and encourage others to express and rediscover themselves through art and the practice of yoga. One of a kind canvas paintings are created using the body and the practice of yoga as art media.

I have been practicing yoga for eight years and also a martial artist. After getting injured in Tae kwon do, yoga helped me to recover emotionally and physically. I then decided to become a yoga teacher to share the healing and physical benefits of yoga to others. My classes are a lively mix of balance, strength and flexibility, focusing on alignment and breathing.

Thank you. Remember, there’s always an artist inside of us. Art and Yoga don’t have to be perfect, that’s why it’s called a ‘practice’.

Namaste ॐ,

Sherie Sloane
Founder and Creator


Founded in 1999, Andersonville Physical Therapy is a private practice located on Chicago’s north side. Our focus is on wellness and personalized, one-on-one treatment of the whole person – not just a body part. That means we’ll take into account your body’s strengths and limitations, your lifestyle, even your movement habits and posture to design a treatment plan that’s as unique as you are. It’s an approach that works, and, we’ve found, leads to better outcomes and a better experience for our patients. We offer Yoga and Pilates classes and workshops in our Movement Education Center, open to all.

At Shine, in downtown Batavia, IL, we offer yoga classes, meditation, wellness workshops, events to evoke inspired living, offbeat activities, kids’ yoga, live music and performance, yoga clothing, active apparel, yoga props, self help books, DVDs, and eco-conscious gifts.

At Shine, our mission is to uplift you on your journey through life. We aim to support and inspire as you move within, learn about yourself and grow to your full potential.

Once upon a time, an 8-year-old named Katie Thomas walked into her family’s living room only to find her father, post-jog, doing some weird looking stretchy things. Perplexed, she asked him what the heck he was doing, to which he replied, “Yoga.” Katie thought to herself, “My dad is weird.”

Since then, Katie has changed her yogic tune. She took her first class in 2004, and has been hooked ever since.

Through warmth, humor, and a strong commitment to remaining down-to-earth and accessible, Katie creates a space where students can work toward finding their true selves. In her classes, you can expect to be led through asana, pranayama, and meditation, with a focus on finding the beautiful balance between strength and lightness, between stability and motion, between alignment and freedom. Katie has a background in improvisational theatre so her teaching style is infused with a sense of play and whimsy. She believes that setting sankalpas (intentions), then consistently nurturing them on and off the mat brings concrete, undeniable changes to our lives.

To this day, Katie loves her dad and all his weirdness. She hopes to continue to live happily ever after.

Lyndsae Rinio was introduced to yoga in early childhood by her mother, and has continued independent practice throughout her life. She was once scolded by her first grade teacher for doing shoulderstand during recess. Her formal studies began in 2000 at the public library in her home state of Alaska. As a trained dancer, she built her yoga practice on her knowledge of movement and anatomy, as well as her long-standing interest in meditation. After relocating to Chicago, she served as manager of Nature Yoga Sanctuary until 2008.

Lyndsae has been fortunate to study with several instructors who have shaped her approach to teaching, including Tias Little, Quinn Kearney, Paul Weitz, and Nadine Lollino. Her classes offer a blend of hatha and vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on intelligent muscular and skeletal alignment. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level, and also holds certification in teaching yoga for cancer recovery.

As a cancer survivor herself, Lyndsae found yoga to be an invaluable part of her recovery process. This has fueled her deep interest in yoga’s therapeutic ability to shape and rehabilitate the body and mind. Lyndsae believes that a yoga practice is an exercise in self-observation. She encourages her students to find the integrity of each pose within their own body, rather than some external ideal.

      Kathie has been studying and practicing yoga since 1997 and has completed teacher training. She completed teacher training courses with Moksha Yoga Center, Ana Forrest and Tim Miller and has also studied with a variety of master yoga teachers.

      Kathie is drawn to yoga because it purifies and integrates body, mind, and spirit. In her classes, she draws on her studies with master teachers, emphasizing a flowing series of strengthening poses and breathing to open the mind and body. Kathie also studies Thai Yoga Therapy and is a health care attorney by profession. 
      Nina Gaglio has been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching for four years. She is trained in traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, and has a background in Iyengar yoga. Nina completed Moksha Yoga Center’s, 200-hour Teacher Training Certification Program, in 2006.

      In addition to her yoga experience, extensive studies in both Eastern and Western philosophy and professional anatomy training, Nina is a certified Holistic Health Counselor. She studied with groundbreaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is accredited by Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and by the American Association of Drugless practitioners.

      She continues to explore her knowledge in yoga and philosophy through regular trainings, seminars, workshops and self-study with master teachers. A number of influential teachers have had a profound impact on Nina’s teaching and life, including Aadil Palkhivala, founder of Purna yoga, Seane Corn, co-creator of the Off the Mat, Into the World programs Gary Kraftsow, Director and Senior Teacher at the American Viniyoga Institute.

      Nina is dedicated to cultivating the direct experience of physical, mental and spiritual freedom. She believes that yoga provides a practice for being present through life’s challenges, celebrations, victories and defeats. “When done with a graceful balance of alignment, effort, surrender and focus, yoga postures transcend their physical and health benefits to become metaphors for life and living.”
      Born and raised in Flint, MI Amber is a world traveler, animal and music lover. She has overcome serious physical injuries, including fractured vertebrate, through her yoga practice. Amber has also experienced peace of mind from anxiety and PTSD through the practice.
      Amber’s class focuses on the subtle aspects of the practice by incorporating meditation, alignment, breath, and mindfulness in a vigorous class. She uses intention as direction with an emphasis on cultivating the student’s awareness of what they personally need from their practice. Through practice, Amber believes passionately that yoga reveals one’s true nature and purpose for being (dharma). With this awareness, the student opens up to experiencing the world in a more honest and joyful way. 
      During the first class he took in 2001, Morgan noticed that there was an intrinsic challenge to the practice of yoga. Not yet ready to shift his attention to practicing yoga full time, his path began as an on-again, off-again student. But as Morgan steadily increased his practice to two and three times a week, he realized that the more time he spent on the mat, the more yoga helped to focus his mind – and with this focus, he found he could accomplish the goals he set for himself.
      With his devotion to yoga, Morgan wanted to share the knowledge and joy that yoga had given him, so he began teaching in 2008. With his down-to-earth approach and sense of humor, Morgan makes the practice of yoga accessible to all students by sharing and exploring the gifts of breath and physical movement.
      Now practicing and teaching yoga on a daily basis, Morgan takes the lessons he learns on the mat and applies them to his life, proving that yoga is both an exercise of the mind and body as well as a way of life. 

Extraordinary instructors lead yoga and yoga-inspired classes seven days a week. Step into our studio in downtown Glencoe and stretch, twist and flow your way to a healthy body and peaceful mindset.


Rooted in classical yoga as described in the ancient Vedic texts, Moksha Yoga Center provides an interdisciplinary approach that includes physical postures, meditation, breathwork and more. Featuring three locations that offer classes seven days a week, we invite you to practice and experiment with multiple styles taught by skilled and intuitive instructors. Revitalize with asana, and dig deeper through our workshops with world-renowned master teachers, expert lectures whose topics range from ayurveda to classical Indian art, and our internationally recognized 200- and 500-hr teacher trainings. While you’re here, enjoy bodywork, a fully-stocked yoga boutique, and a tight-knit community to explore and expand your personal practice.


Rooted in classical yoga as described in the ancient Vedic texts, Moksha Yoga Center provides an interdisciplinary approach that includes physical postures, meditation, breathwork and more. Featuring three locations that offer classes seven days a week, we invite you to practice and experiment with multiple styles taught by skilled and intuitive instructors. Revitalize with asana, and dig deeper through our workshops with world-renowned master teachers, expert lectures whose topics range from ayurveda to classical Indian art, and our internationally recognized 200- and 500-hr teacher trainings. While you’re here, enjoy bodywork, a fully-stocked yoga boutique, and a tight-knit community to explore and expand your personal practice.

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