Agni Yoga is a dedicated hot yoga studio located within Sky Fitness in Buffalo Grove, IL. A wide range of classes suitable for all levels and abilities.
Agni (Sanskrit: अग्नि) is a Hindu deity, one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire. Practicing yoga in a hot studio helps you to stretch, improve your cardio, strength,flexibility and detox.
Agni Hot Yoga Studio is a beautiful gem inside of Sky Fitness center. We offer: warm vinyasa flow, hot power hour, deep release class and our signature Agni Series. Fabulous teachers, pure, clean heat and a yoga experience you will love. Meet us on the mat.!!!


Founded in 1999, Andersonville Physical Therapy is a private practice located on Chicago’s north side. Our focus is on wellness and personalized, one-on-one treatment of the whole person – not just a body part. That means we’ll take into account your body’s strengths and limitations, your lifestyle, even your movement habits and posture to design a treatment plan that’s as unique as you are. It’s an approach that works, and, we’ve found, leads to better outcomes and a better experience for our patients. We offer Yoga and Pilates classes and workshops in our Movement Education Center, open to all.

Seeking to bring about vital wellness in all areas of life, we primarily have invested our efforts in offering the community members that are not already plugged into a studio and may not have access to that kind of a space, a sacred place of their own, to cultivate their practice of yoga.
The communities we have worked with include, DuPage Convalescent Center, Veterans Shelter, Midwest Homeless Veterans, World Relief- International Refugees, women Half-Way Houses, Counseling Centers that work off of a sliding scale, Correctional Facilities and more.
In continued promoting of yoga, we have found great reward and unity.
To visually communicate this message of hope and diversity, we raised funds to commission an artist to portray the beauty and story of an immigrant … which we all can relate to somehow.  It transports you through time with a uniting force of light.  You are welcome to follow the progress on this on our website or our facebook page:  Pearls of the Universe.  Also honoring a female poet, refugee from Sudan.
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